Social Sushi (tohrukun) wrote,
Social Sushi

Rawr. So I bought a Japanese Electronic Dictionary the other day, thinking "Wow! It will be so cool to have this! How handy!"

When I got it, and opened it, what were my thoughts? "Wow...this thing is cheap as hell."

So, not to let first-judgments get the better of me, I messed around with it a little.

Come to find out "Oh joy!" It takes JUST AS LONG to get to a definition as it would if I just had a book. Hmph. Book is easier to use too.

I am le sad. I also upgraded my phone today. Cost me MORE money. Hopefully this investment won't be a total waste either. My phone dies randomly and it's battery won't last one day. NOT ONE DAY! ;_; Cross your fingers, hmn?

But on a scale of good things to bad things, my life is still going great. =D I cannot WAIT for my trip to Japan!! ^___^ SO EXCITED! Ouuuuuuu soooooo excited am I. And Suger is doing well, and my daddy says he is doing well too! ^^ So not so bad!

And I got a new loach! I name hiiiiiim Kodo. Yay for Kodo! He's about the size of Miaka(My current loach)'s tailfin. Soooooo tiny!

So, yes. This is my time in a nutshell. Yay for me, hmn? ^__^ With the bad you get the good!
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