Social Sushi (tohrukun) wrote,
Social Sushi

Dear Hayley

I hate you. I was sitting on my computer, happily just reading everyone's livejournals, when you again made my life hell...

How do you keep making my life hell?

Well, first you post. That, in general, makes me upset. ;_; I miss you, and never get to see you, so it in turn reminds me how much I miss you.

Second, and most importantly, you put up pictures and, worst of worst, LINKS to Etsy!

Shame on you!!!!!

Now I want to buy so many pretty, and kickass steampunk, things! Eeeeevil evil Hayley.

I know this was your evil intention all along, so you win. You win, and I give up.

=P Bratface. Now loan me more books!!!! *Hug*
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