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11 April
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Photobucket Welcome! The name's Dani! ♥
=3 I am 22 years old, an Aries, and I lead a very happy life!
Hard times fall on all, however I will always rise above!! At least, with my friends I can!

I currently work at Owl Radio and Rock 100.5! I am General Manager of Owl Radio (www.ksuradio.com) and Vice President of the Japanese Club for Kennesaw State! AND, of course, intern for The Regular Guys! ^_^ I ♥ my boys

I also ♥ Pride and Prejudice (Mmmnnn, Mr. Darcy)

♥Please treat me well!♥

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And I do NOT drive badly!
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...^-^;;; eheheh.....

;___; Ah well! For now, I shall be the happy little Onigiri that I am!